The human condition…

June 9, 2012 § Leave a comment


A more flippant means of delivering my little message

For as long as I can recall, i’ve been intrigued by the human condition (why we are the way we are);  especially in those unidentified factors which would predispose twins to perceive life so differently in spite of equal exposure to the same circumstances during formative childhood and adolescence (e.g. cultivation of character / ego, variance of psychology, physiology, social, cultural conditioning and stimuli). Does religion have an influence, or is ‘character’ the result an anomalous enigma?

How might we gain clear insight as to the nuances of human nature where intolerance and preconceived notions are ascribed?

3 words : perspective, paradigm and awareness.

I observe a common pattern amongst those who constrain themselves to the limitation of implacable thoughts and notions. It involves obstinately clinging to the convictions for a dual purpose : to reinforce plus preserve the ’emotional tangibility’ of the armour they shield behind, particularly in instances of feeling threatened or discomforted by a person, idea or ideal. Adjustment to perspective, paradigm or personal awareness seldom occur – thus the repetition of the cycle continues – giving credence to the quotes “We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are” plus “We all live in separate universes. They’re called individual experiences and perspective”. 

There’s no precedent which successfully establishes the absence, assimilation or presence of beauty vs intelligence [per individual], considering that there are multiple intelligences and the notion of beauty is subjective. Nor are there conclusive findings which can determine inherent good or evil within a person.  Therefore, it stands to reason that it’s the manner in which such attributes are embodied, that belies intent, inclination and motivation. With this in mind, let us refrain from over-generalizing about the perceived correlation about the aforementioned.

I endeavour to perceive a person according to the full measure of their character (see below), rather than with bias, so have derived greater understanding of my own psyche and disposition in doing so. Speaking of which, here’s an incomprehensive list of traits I feel personally form the basis of character  :

  • integrity
  • values, morals, ethics
  • decency and gratitude
  • kindness
  • manners and courtesy
  • charity and giving back
  • self belief
  • the ability to exceed personal limitations (be they inherent or inherited)
  • the ability to maximise potential in the most dire of circumstances
  • heritage, identity and uniqueness
  • preference towards self awareness
  • inclination towards positive change and growth


What do you think?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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