Should hope evade you, remember that..

February 20, 2014 § Leave a comment

To everything there’s a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.

Ecclesiastes 3:1


I tend to think of hope in association with the above & define it as being an active belief, trust & confidence in the future. It’s an important aspect of my personal faith and is a means whereby all goals / dreams / wishes are realised.

What hope isn’t…

The principle of hope is rarely mentioned or regarded as an important part of ‘secular’ learning – meaning that it is neither taught at school (as an essential part of character development) nor is it a widely referred topic in women’s magazines. Hope is not fear. It cannot be given to you or feigned. Hope is not passive; who here thinks that your life doesn’t require your very best efforts? No one! It’s the same principle with hope. You need to actively work at it & value the effects it can have within your life.

Hope has:

– Complimented & accompanied my faith in God.
– Cultivated further hope, happiness & joy (my cup runneth over).
– Provided peace.
– Given me courage to continue hoping when everything contradicts that hope.
– Soothed through bereavement (which spanned two decades).
– Blessed me with the strength to endures life’s difficulties.
– Helped maintain personal perspective.
– Enabled me to be successful in fulfilling personal goals &amp – therefore to feeling fulfilled.
– Helped me act with certainty.

So, ‘nil desperandum’. Harness your fears & replace them with hope instead.


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