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What is it? : In a few words…integrity, sincerity, steadfastness, devotion, honesty & trust. It’s my Moda Operandi.

So why is it even important?

Loyalty is important because it belies the extent to which one is personally invested in a friendship, relationship, belief or cause. Therefore, the exercising or absence of loyalty can predict the character, motivations & actions of another. It additionally provides a measurement for the scruples of another – depending on whether it can be ‘purchased’ in exchange for something else of perceived value, or is misplaced. One thing I know is that it cannot be feigned (if the human eye can discern mere millimetres of difference in the human face following surgery for example, we can easily recognise simple incongruences thanks to human instinct).

It is akin to the word ‘love’ because it requires one to be demonstrative in action, word and deed. As the recipient, it’s an assurance that I matter enough to another person for them to show their devotion to strengthening the relationship by maintaining my trust whilst keeping my best interests at heart.

Loyalty & integrity are essential virtues that I cannot do without – plus require from others in my life, irregardless of the sociological circumstances. Having seen various varieties of loyalty including familial, gang or national loyalty, the type I seek is friendship. A lack of either quality means that I would not hold the individual in my confidence. Without loyalty (or divided loyalties) – there is mistrust, disharmony and disunity.

There’s something wrong with your character if opportunity controls your loyalty.


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