Thoughts on ambition

November 23, 2014 § Leave a comment


My father taught me that ambition is a beautiful thing which should not be apologised for. The desire to achieve burns deeply within and is partially inspired by my Fathers work ethic.

Ambition seems to separate individuals into two categories : those who have and continue to succeed, and those who lack the desire to pursue their own dreams. I’ve noticed that the latter seem to focus on the former, that there is a sort of magical thinking applied (among the latter) which implies that no hard work, effort, diligence, or persistence have been proffered; that the individual came to be in such a position of prosperity by happenstance. What is not given consideration is that anyone can fail whilst attempting to achieve something small or big, so we may as well attempt to achieve the bigger thing.

To be ambitious means to be self motivated, to Focus On one Course Until Successful. To remain undeterred when your internal dialogue and external circumstances are incongruent.

At times of seeking to achieve something, it helps that living my purpose, living authentically and developing my talents are vital principles I was taught at home – in addition to the meaning of integrity, honour, decency. I’m grateful to have had a Father who was diligent in teaching such precepts to me at a young age so that these morals and values form aspects of my adult character, and are manifested as resilience, determination and persistence.

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