Is ‘silent communication’ the new way to get your needs met?

August 18, 2015 § Leave a comment


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A recent article suggested that a woman’s most important negotiation tool (for successfully attaining a salary increase) is silence. I cannot stipulate as to whether this assertion is mere conjecture or if it’s based on the findings of extensive scientific research. What I have learnt (thanks to my late Father) is courage – plus that some things must be negotiated.

In preference to asking for whatever it is that is wanted, I observe women and girls adopt silence as a form of strategy. The frightening thing about this is in doing so, they’re actually giving up their voice. Additionally, in certain instances silence is construed as approval or complicity. As the pattern becomes ingrained it creates a legacy (which involves little resolve, empowerment or revolution) to be perpetuated. There is no eloquence or strength in purposely seeking disempowerment.

Whilst negotiation is not an art form women are taught or societally encouraged to embody, it can be learned and is essentially about having the courage to clearly stipulate your need(s) then focus on the attainment and reality of the goal. There may be some resistance however, remaining focussed on your objective is of the utmost importance.

I am far too empowered to employ silence as a form of warfare, stratagem or communication. I ASK for what I need and want, because I trust I will get it.

So, which do you prefer: ’silent’ or ‘verbal’ communication?


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