#MotivationalMonday : 3 vital truths

February 1, 2016 § 9 Comments

Today’s #MotivationalMonday message is for anyone who is encountering a difficult scenario or period within their life. If you remember nothing else – please do not forget these three vital truths : 1) your thoughts are powerful and they (along with your perceptions) can consign you to happiness or misery. If you change your consciousness (e.g. thoughts / beliefs), you change your paradigm or ‘world’. 2) You retain agency – meaning that you possess the ability to take action or give into ennui. Whilst you may not fully be able to influence or affect your desired outcome, by taking as little as three small positive steps on a daily basis you’ll be better able endure, thrive, cultivate gratitude and grow. 3) you can still choose whether to respond versus react (thereby giving away or retaining your personal power).


§ 9 Responses to #MotivationalMonday : 3 vital truths

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