5 steps to a positive mind

July 13, 2016 § 10 Comments

When life hands you lemons

When life hands you lemons

I changed my thoughts which changed my life.

It’s easy to forget that we first transform our lives internally with our esteem, mindset, habits etc before proceeding externally. This crucial shift of perspective will :

  • help identify the limiting beliefs you’re holding onto
  • combat negative internal chatter
  • heal you
  • move you towards greater empowerment
  • create new neural pathways (mindset and thought process)
  • unlock your potential
  • help you feel good as you take action

One of the many ways I have transformed my life, was by undertaking the following exercise. Here are the 5 simple steps :

  1. Identify the negative chatter. Consider any limited thinking and belief systems you’ve now outgrown. Write them all down ensuring that you are addressing each area of your life including health, spirituality, finances etc. Some limited thinking examples to get you started : “I am never going…to earn enough / be healthy / get married / win this account / be beautiful enough / be liked / be thin enough / be worthy of love etc.
  2. Write the truth. Once you’ve identified the limiting beliefs (aka the lies you’ve been affirming to yourself), take a pen of another colour and write the truth underneath each limiting belief (write the truth even if you do not believe in it at the time of writing). Examples : I am beautiful / I am enough / I am abundant / I am worthy of love.
  3. Keep perspective. Read the lie and the truth every day. As both are at opposing ends of the spectrum, it’ll create a dissonance within the brain which challenges the negative chatter.
  4. Build those new neural pathways. On the 7th day, erase all the lies (literally, draw a line through them) so that you are left with the truth. Re-read the truth, daily until you have learnt and internalised this new truth as your reality.
  5. Stay focused. When the chatter invariably returns, re-direct your focus from the lie to the truth. Continue this exercise for 30 to 60 days and tell me how you feel. If you make this exercise an ongoing aspect of your positive habits – you’ll notice how thoughts become more harmonious rather than at opposing ends of the scale.

Further insight to follow next week. In the meantime, I’d love to hear of your practices and tips for combating negative or limited thinking.


Continue changing your thoughts and changing your life!


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